Saturday, March 21, 2009

Squished Boy

Wednesday I went to the OB again for the strep B swab test. After sitting in the waiting room for 30 minutes I finally went back to the exam room, only to sit there with no pants on for almost 45 minutes! I swear I was going to melt because it seemed with each passing minute the room was getting hotter. By the time the doctor came in I was pretty agitated. He did have a great personality about him and talked me down from my pissed off state. Everything is perfectly on track with the boy being head down and measuring where he should be. My cervix has started to thin, which is expected at 36 weeks. I get to go back for more probing in 10 days.
Today I went for a non-diagnostic ultrasound at one of those maternity massage and ultrasound places. Bill complained that it was a waste of money, but I had a discount card for a 15 minute session. Even though the images looked a little squished, I was excited to see any kind of image of Lincoln. The tech said he was right up against my cervix and he was just about ready to come out. Good! Get out because I've had enough fun carrying around this watermelon. Once I did get home, Bill loaded the images (my computer's CD drive is not working). The more I looked at the face, I thought he looked like my brother, Luke. It appears that Lincoln has the same nose Luke and I both had as babies. He also seems to have pretty full lips, but that could be from being squished. I guess we'll see how accurate the pictures are once he arrives.
One more week of school for me. I still do not know who the sub will be, which makes me very nervous and stressed. The last month I've been working to prepare materials and lessons so that my students will continue with their learning in the same manner. The bookkeeper told me that the district has trained interns to sub. Oh no! Someone right out of school will not have the classroom management skills or experience. That's just a small step up from having the class split. The 30th is my first day of leave, but I'll probably go in for the full day just so that the sub can observe my routines with this class. I know I'm going to have to let go, and it will be difficult because this is MY class. MY name is on their report cards. I just don't want some ding dong in there to screw it all up!

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Laura said...

Hello, Lincoln! I'm glad to hear he is looking good and that he's ready to meet the world. Good luck on your last week of teaching, Jess. And I hope you don't have an intern subbing for the rest of the year - yikes!
Love you, Laura