Sunday, March 29, 2009

Maternity Leave

On Thursday my team at school threw me a baby shower. I really didn't expect much of a big deal, but they really put out a huge spread! Check out this cake! My co-workers brought me many wonderful gifts. This kid is going to be very well dressed because I have so many clothes for him!
Monday begins my official maternity leave from school. Being the obsessed control freak I am, it's not actually the case. I'll be going to teach on Monday so that my sub can observe my daily routine with the kids. It will be very difficult for me to let go and trust that things will go smoothly. I know they will. My sub is a recent education graduate and had been long term subbing in a first grade class before taking my position. I like her; she was with me on Friday for the work day. Once Lincoln arrives I will be occupied with him and hopefully not worry about my class...
Yesterday I had a massage for the first time in God knows how long. My first prenatal one, and I didn't really know what to expect. It was relaxing. When I left I felt less bloated and pain free! Today the back of my neck is a bit sore, probably because she really worked on it.
I've been warned of the nesting instinct that would be happening. I guess it's slowly starting to take effect. The last couple days I've been washing and folding baby clothes. Bill keeps telling me to stop because he doesn't like me touching the washer. I don't care. When he leaves for work tonight the washing machine and I will have more fun together!
My mom arrives tomorrow! The weather up north is snow and I know she'll be so happy to be in hot weather. I think on my first real day off (Tuesday) we will go to the pool if it's not raining. Speaking of rain, it is today! The pollen has been terrible and I'm happy the stuff will be washed away:)


Lisa Smith said...

Baby Lincoln will be here before you know it! Enjoy the time with your Mom!!

Laura said...

Good luck on maternity leave. Once you get used to having the day free, you probably won't want to go back. And of course, once Lincoln is here, you really won't want to go back.

Did you and the washing machine have a fun affair? I hope it doesn't get a guilty conscience and confess to Bill!

Say hello to your Mom for me, I hope you guys have a good time. She must be so excited!