Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lots of Things to Do!

The in-laws came down for a week with all my baby shower treasures. It's a lot of stuff, but there is still so much more we need to buy in preparation for Lincoln's arrival. The room could function right now if he were to arrive, minus the crib mattress.
My dinosaur painting is almost finished. I must say that it is turning out very cute! Now I have to keep my eyes peeled for the big framing sale at Michaels. That should only set us back $200 to frame the darn thing!
This week I enter the third trimester. I'm hoping I won't develop any of the wonderful symptoms that I've read about in the pregnancy book. Only 12 more weeks to go (about). After my next OB appointment, I get to visit them every 2 weeks. While I don't mind getting the check ups, I am not liking the idea of taking off 1/2 day of work each time. I don't have any days off of school next month.
I am on the hunt for a pediatrician! My doctor uncle has given me some pointers on what to look for and I have recommendations from co-workers and friends. There are 3 practices that I want to visit before listing a doctor on my hospital registration information. There are some classes at the hospital I want to take too. I want these 3 months to go quick, but there is so much to do before it does!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Glucose Test

Last week I had the dreaded glucose test for gestational diabetes. Many women who have taken it have told me it was not a pleasant experience. They said the drink tasted nasty. Oh, and hope that you pass it so you don't have to go back for the 3 hour test! Thanks... So the day of this fun test I check in and wait to drink this nasty stuff. The tech said I had to drink it in 5 minutes. After taking a sip to test it out, I thought it actually tasted kinda good! Down it went in under a minute. The tech commented on how I chugged it down. Hey, I have a sweet tooth!
Sitting there waiting for an hour was the boring part. What made it worse was that all these OLD people started coming in. They either sat in their chairs sleeping or babbling about nonsense. I heard the life story of one woman who was a retired bus driver from New York. She kept talking about the bad kids and the unprofessional teachers who wear shorts and allow the students to call them by their first name. Needless to say I bit my tongue and buried myself in my baby book.
The hour finally passed and it was time for the blood to be drawn (which is always a fun thing). The same tech has always pulled my blood and does a great job of talking to me to distract the squirming. At first she couldn't get any blood! Oh great... I did not want to have the other arm stuck too! She did get the 2 tubes worth and I was on my merry way. I didn't get the sugar crash I was warned about. Could this be a good sign?
At my OB appointment the next week I was happily informed that I passed the glucose test! The doctor even said I have great blood levels. Blood pressure is still low. My weight gain was where it should be for the week, but still a bit high overall. Nothing to be worried about, the doctor told me. Everything was right on track. After February's appointment, I get to visit them every two weeks! How exciting...

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Kids Know!

Finally my students asked if I was having a baby today! One of them heard from her mom and she was blurting it to a few of the others today before class started. While we were doing the calendar I asked her to share with the class what she knew. They very interested and asked many questions. Now I'll have to start on that letter to send home to the parents...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kids and Cats

Some of the older kids at school have noticed the belly and asked if I was having a baby. My students, however, have yet to say a word about it. Either they are afraid to ask or just clueless about the whole thing. One of my student's parents did write a note asking about my due date today. I never see her in person, so I'm wondering how she found out. I'm planning on writing a note to parents about the situation so they can feel at ease that their kids won't be left hanging with a new sub everyday after I leave. I really hope a certified teacher is hired so I don't have to deal with the end of the year paperwork fun!
Meow Meow kitty cat is finally on her way to Aunt Jamie's house! Bill and I came to a compromise (which he suggested) that the cat stay with Jamie until I go back to school next fall. That way we should have Lincoln in a regular routine. We hope there won't be an issue introducing the cat back into the house. Part of the deal is that the litter box be in the garage. I absolutely refuse to allow it back into the house! Bill seemed fine with the whole arrangement, but when I came home today and saw that the cat was still here, I was worried that he would try to back out. I texted Jamie and she confirmed that Bill would bring the cat over to her house after 9:00 tonight. Good, because I was ready to drive her over there myself! I know Bill will hold a grudge against me for awhile, but he will have to get over it. We will have a new baby to focus on in 3 months. He won't have time to think about the cat!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Crib and Mercury's Baby Doll

Bill finally put the crib together tonight! I am very happy with how it looks, and I think the set looks very handsome. We still need to purchase a mattress and other necessary items before Lincoln arrives.
I bought a baby doll to prepare Mercury. She was very cautious at first. Whenever I carry it around, she quietly follows me wherever I go. I think she understands that the doll is not a toy and has made no attempt to jump up or touch it in any way (other than to sniff). We allow her to come into Lincoln's room and she is always very quiet and lays down on the floor. I have every confidence that she will do just fine once the baby arrives and will probably stay in her kennel with all of the crying (she's not one to like loud noises).

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Baby Shower, 2 Pounds, and a Name!

The baby shower was held in WI on December 28th. It was a great success and we received many wonderful gifts! This baby will be a very spoiled little boy. Today I picked up pictures and organized them in a small photo book. In a couple of weeks the in-laws drive down with all the stuff:)
Speaking of names, we finally decided on one! I told Bill I wanted to have this issue decided before the shower so I could tell everyone. We are looking forward to meeting Lincoln Aaron Heck in a few months!
Also on the plus side, my weight has seemed to even off a bit. I was pleased that I only gained 2 pounds over the 2 week holiday. It must all be in the belly because it has made a noticeable gain since the last time I measured myself.