Saturday, March 14, 2009

More Pregnancy Fun

Two more weeks of school left! I am looking forward to the rest, but also dreading the idea of leaving. I've been working diligently to prepare the sub, whomever it may be (I still don't know what is officially going to happen).
This week I had the pleasure of experiencing the swollen ankles and pain in the back. Today I tried to lay off the salty things and it's not as bad. Thursday I took off the wedding rings because they were getting tight and I didn't want them to get stuck. I feel weird not having them on my finger, like I'm carrying a bastard child for being an unwed mother!
The weight gain is now 40 pounds; I feel like such a fat pig! Many people say I look good, and I really do still have a waist, but I feel so gross! The weather is getting warmer and all I want to do is run and ride my bike. Even after I actually deliver this kid, it will be a few weeks before I can return to my exercise:(
My mom flies down in two weeks, which will be a great relief. I'll be so happy to have her help through the first few weeks with this screaming kid!

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