Sunday, March 29, 2009

Maternity Leave

On Thursday my team at school threw me a baby shower. I really didn't expect much of a big deal, but they really put out a huge spread! Check out this cake! My co-workers brought me many wonderful gifts. This kid is going to be very well dressed because I have so many clothes for him!
Monday begins my official maternity leave from school. Being the obsessed control freak I am, it's not actually the case. I'll be going to teach on Monday so that my sub can observe my daily routine with the kids. It will be very difficult for me to let go and trust that things will go smoothly. I know they will. My sub is a recent education graduate and had been long term subbing in a first grade class before taking my position. I like her; she was with me on Friday for the work day. Once Lincoln arrives I will be occupied with him and hopefully not worry about my class...
Yesterday I had a massage for the first time in God knows how long. My first prenatal one, and I didn't really know what to expect. It was relaxing. When I left I felt less bloated and pain free! Today the back of my neck is a bit sore, probably because she really worked on it.
I've been warned of the nesting instinct that would be happening. I guess it's slowly starting to take effect. The last couple days I've been washing and folding baby clothes. Bill keeps telling me to stop because he doesn't like me touching the washer. I don't care. When he leaves for work tonight the washing machine and I will have more fun together!
My mom arrives tomorrow! The weather up north is snow and I know she'll be so happy to be in hot weather. I think on my first real day off (Tuesday) we will go to the pool if it's not raining. Speaking of rain, it is today! The pollen has been terrible and I'm happy the stuff will be washed away:)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bill's Expensive Baby Shower

On Sunday I went to the flea market with Anna, which was really to distract me away from Bill's big surprise baby shower for me. He was so proud of himself. It was at the club house in our subdivision and there were about 20 people there (fellow deputies and a few friends and neighbors). Of course, Bill went all out on food and drinks. The food he had catered from Qdoba's and he bought several cases of beer and about 8 2-liters of soda. We had a ton of food left over. This "party" turned out to be quite expensive. I later found out that he spent probably close to $600! We did receive a few gifts, but Bill said he didn't stress it. Yeah, I was NOT happy! Do you know how many diapers I could have bought with $6oo? He complains about me getting a $60 ultrasound and then pulls this?! Oh, Pooh Bear, I did it for you... I would have been happy with people at the house and have them bring a dish to pass. He better have nothing to complain about when I pressure him again to consider cord blood banking!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Squished Boy

Wednesday I went to the OB again for the strep B swab test. After sitting in the waiting room for 30 minutes I finally went back to the exam room, only to sit there with no pants on for almost 45 minutes! I swear I was going to melt because it seemed with each passing minute the room was getting hotter. By the time the doctor came in I was pretty agitated. He did have a great personality about him and talked me down from my pissed off state. Everything is perfectly on track with the boy being head down and measuring where he should be. My cervix has started to thin, which is expected at 36 weeks. I get to go back for more probing in 10 days.
Today I went for a non-diagnostic ultrasound at one of those maternity massage and ultrasound places. Bill complained that it was a waste of money, but I had a discount card for a 15 minute session. Even though the images looked a little squished, I was excited to see any kind of image of Lincoln. The tech said he was right up against my cervix and he was just about ready to come out. Good! Get out because I've had enough fun carrying around this watermelon. Once I did get home, Bill loaded the images (my computer's CD drive is not working). The more I looked at the face, I thought he looked like my brother, Luke. It appears that Lincoln has the same nose Luke and I both had as babies. He also seems to have pretty full lips, but that could be from being squished. I guess we'll see how accurate the pictures are once he arrives.
One more week of school for me. I still do not know who the sub will be, which makes me very nervous and stressed. The last month I've been working to prepare materials and lessons so that my students will continue with their learning in the same manner. The bookkeeper told me that the district has trained interns to sub. Oh no! Someone right out of school will not have the classroom management skills or experience. That's just a small step up from having the class split. The 30th is my first day of leave, but I'll probably go in for the full day just so that the sub can observe my routines with this class. I know I'm going to have to let go, and it will be difficult because this is MY class. MY name is on their report cards. I just don't want some ding dong in there to screw it all up!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

More Pregnancy Fun

Two more weeks of school left! I am looking forward to the rest, but also dreading the idea of leaving. I've been working diligently to prepare the sub, whomever it may be (I still don't know what is officially going to happen).
This week I had the pleasure of experiencing the swollen ankles and pain in the back. Today I tried to lay off the salty things and it's not as bad. Thursday I took off the wedding rings because they were getting tight and I didn't want them to get stuck. I feel weird not having them on my finger, like I'm carrying a bastard child for being an unwed mother!
The weight gain is now 40 pounds; I feel like such a fat pig! Many people say I look good, and I really do still have a waist, but I feel so gross! The weather is getting warmer and all I want to do is run and ride my bike. Even after I actually deliver this kid, it will be a few weeks before I can return to my exercise:(
My mom flies down in two weeks, which will be a great relief. I'll be so happy to have her help through the first few weeks with this screaming kid!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Counting Down...

I have the pleasure of going to the OB twice a month now. Tuesday's appointment was routine, although I worried that I would be inspected by a male doctor. Next time I get the strep B swab test down under, and it will be by the second male doctor. Ick, I am dreading it (not the test, but the fact that a man will be doing it)! I'm just praying one of them are not on call the day I deliver. I don't even want Bill looking there as the little buggar comes out. Yuck!
The doctor did say that at 34 weeks the baby would have a 98% chance of surviving without complications if he were born today. The only thing underdeveloped are the lungs. I've read that at 36 weeks, the baby could be considered full term. The week of spring break would be great. That would give me about a week to completely prepare without climbing the walls!
I'm counting down the weeks until I go on maternity leave March 30th. I really want to rest, but at the same time, I'm stressing over how my class will manage in my absence. Right now I'm working to prepare lessons ahead of time. Although I don't want to admit it, I will probably be sticking my head in there a few weeks later to make sure things are going ok.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Crabby Mommy

I have so had enough of being pregnant! While I am still able to bend over and actually pick things up off the floor, it's becoming a chore to do the whole squatting thing. I'm beginning to experience minor back pain and leg cramps once in awhile. Lincoln moves quite frequently and has those darn hiccups every day. Really, I have had a breeze of a pregnancy. However, the thought of 6 more weeks of being a bloated whale is not exciting.
To date, I've gained 33 pounds. Today when I weighed and measured myself, I was surprised to see that nothing had gone up (not even around the belly). The weight was actually the same as last week. Then I remembered that I didn't eat much candy or pizza this last week. Yesterday when I went for a walk I was actually sweating. Perhaps some of those retained fluids leaked out!
Becoming easily agitated with Bill has become an everyday occurrence. I don't think its him personally, but simply that he is the one person whom I can criticize openly without feeling terrible about myself. Yes, it's bad to say because I love him, but the things he does tick me off! For example, the dinosaur painting has the frame on it now, but Bill thinks the wire on the back was attached incorrectly. Now it has to go back to Michael's to be corrected. I really wanted it up on the wall and was quite agitated when Bill said he was going to take it back. It seems like every comment he says makes me feel criticized. I'm lazy, sloppy, stupid, fat, and ugly are thoughts that run through my head whenever he opens his mouth to say something.
I have 4 more weeks of school left before I take leave. I am very excited about it, but at the same time I feel worried that my class will go down the toilet. Overall, they are bright well behaved children, but I stay on top of them all day. I fear that a person lacking in structure and discipline will destroy all the work I've done with those kids. To make it even better, I found out I would be getting a new student tomorrow! What am I going to do with this kid for 4 weeks? How will I be able to assess him? It's not fair to me or the kid. I wanted to complain to the principal, but decided that it would not make a difference. Unfairly, I have passed judgment onto this child simply based on his name: Dakota. Certain names signal bad children. Dakota is one of them. Also changing to a new school at this late in the school year means that the kid is low academically and most likely a behavior problem. It's a terrible assumption to make, but unfortunately, comes true a majority of the time. Oh, why me? I had a perfect little class!