Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gaining Weight and a Cat on the Way Out

This week went better. I've noticed that the nausea has pretty much gone away:) This morning I recorded my weekly measurements with slight growth, nothing too noticeable. I was nervous about weighing my self since last week I was up 5 pounds from the previous week. Today I was pleased to see I was down 2 pounds (it must have been water retention) from where I was before. I've decided that gaining weight is not fun. This is my least favorite part of pregnancy so far. I continue to have the strong feeling that this baby is a girl. With all the names that have been added to our list, Elizabeth seems to be the one that is beginning to settle with me. Thankfully, it's also a name that Bill says he likes. Three more weeks until the ultrasound!
As far as the cat goes, it appears that I have won the battle. As soon as I hear from a friend, she will make her trip to another home, and I can relax. The absence of dirty paw prints in my bathroom sink, along with a retched poop smell gone from the future baby room will be nice changes.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Why am I crying? It must be the hormones.

It seems that this wonderful condition has made me quite emotional. Sunday was spent crying for no reason. Luckily, this fun symptom only lasted the day, and all was well on Monday. So far I really haven't had anything to complain about aside from some nausea and this hormone fluctuation business. Hopefully, things will continue to progress smoothly...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pregnancy Makes Me Mean!

Our neighbor kids are really obnoxious! They are constantly running through our yard, leaving their toys everywhere, and screaming outside. It drives Mercury crazy, which makes me crazy! Yesterday some of them decided it would be fun to play Ding Dong Ditch on our house. Some nerve since Bill was outside washing his truck on the street and the squad car is in plain view! I had the hair dryer going and suddenly Mercury starts barking nonstop. I scolded her thinking it was just the kids yelling outside again. A few seconds later, more barking! So I go to the front bedroom and peek outside. The kids are riding bikes and chasing each other. Nothing new. I turn on the radio hoping this will drown out some of their yelling so Mercury will stop barking. Then I hear the door bell ring. Maybe Bill locked himself out and needs something. When I opened the door, no one was there. A few seconds later, the doorbell rings again. This time is was pressed several times, and I know this is not Bill. It has to be the kids! Mercury, at this point, is in her kennel clawing at the metal door, and barking. I stand at the peek hole watching for one of the idiots to approach the door. One sneaks up the driveway and up to the sidewalk near our door. My heart is pounding. I throw the door open and yell, "Get out of my yard and stop ringing my doorbell!!!" That little jerk ran so fast, I think he fell over himself! After slamming the door, I realize my heart is racing a mile a minute, and that I'm sweating. Great. Bill comes in asking, "What was that about? The kids asked me if you were serious." Well, duh, what do you think? I bet you didn't think I could yell like that. Apparently, he sees no issue with these kids and the stupid things they are doing. Maybe it's the pregnancy, but suddenly I am the big bad b**** of the neighborhood.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Here's a picture of 'Ima' at 8 weeks.

14 Weeks Pregnant

Bill and I went to the OB for our second baby visit yesterday. We were hoping to see another image of the baby (who we've been calling "Ima Bear"). Next, time, the doctor said. Today we will hear the heart beat. It took a few seconds for her to find it (making it seem like forever), but then it was there at about 140 beats/minute. All is well!
In November we have the ultrasound, where hopefully the sex will be determined, and to make sure the anatomy is developing correctly.