Monday, November 23, 2009

Plane Ride #2

In 9 hours we will boarding Southwest airlines for plane trip #2 with Lincoln. While I feel more prepared with what to bring this time, I pray to God that he does not scream or fuss during the flight. Since the flight is in the morning, I hope Lincoln sleeps through most of it since he is usually sleeping during that time.
Saturday morning I was hit hard with illness. I went to the weekend clinic not once, but twice because my symptoms changed. At first, I thought it was strep throat because one of my dirty students had it last week. My throat felt like someone slashed though it and my whole body ached, along with a high fever. The first doctor gave me Tamiflu and that helped with the body aches. The next morning my inflamed throat developed nasty while spots, along with a constant gagging sensations because my throat was filled with so much junk. It's gotta be strep, right? The second doctor didn't even do a strep test, only looked at it. She thinks it is some kind of bacterial throat infection (duh, strep) or - get this - Mono! What?! She did give me a prescription for an antibiotic so now I am taking meds around the clock. To make it worse, I am staying away from Lincoln so Bill had to take sick time to stay home. I felt awful when Lincoln was crying in his walker or bouncer and I couldn't pick him up:( Tomorrow will be 24 hours on antibiotics, so I can touch him again:)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Almost 7 Months Old!

My goodness, where has the time gone? Mr. Lincoln (AKA Chirpa, Baby Boy, Beep) is growing so quickly! He will be 7 months old on Thursday, weighing in at 17 pounds and about 26 inches. Lincoln has 4 teeth already. His favorite activities include cruising around in his walker, playing in his rain forest jungle gym bouncer, rolling all over the place, and babbling loudly! While he can sustain the position for crawling, no attempts have been made to actually move. He loves standing and using his walker, so we think me may just go to walking and not crawl at all. Lincoln is fascinated with Mercury, and she gives him an abundance of kisses everyday!
As for me, I have 15 more pounds to loose. I had high hopes of loosing the baby weight before school started in August, but that was totally unrealistic. My class this year has many behavior problems and the source of major stress. I have not budged on my weight for a month now. I know what needs to be done - stop eating candy! However, it my outlet after a stressful day at school:(
Bill, Lincoln, and I are flying up to Wisconsin over Thanksgiving for Aunt Julie's wedding. Mercury will stay back with the neighbors. Lincoln's first flight in July was a snap. A 3 month old sleeps pretty well through anything. A 7 month old will be a different story!