Saturday, November 29, 2008

Furniture, Dinosuars, and a Cat

On Black Friday my mother and I ventured out to Babies R Us because we saw an add for a free crib with the purchase of two other furniture items. We were quite excited! Luckily, the store was not too busy. So, $1200 later, we have furniture ordered for our boy's room.
Tomorrow we are hoping to start clearing out and painting the room. I'm pretty sure we will use a light green (which is the same shade for the bathrooms and master bedroom). Instead of simply painting the room all one color, I'm thinking of using a darker shade of green to create the effect of a jungle habitat for the dinosaurs. This should be interesting; I haven't done mural work since my sophomore year in college...
The cat remains a major topic of debate. Bill refuses to get rid of her. Multiple family members have spoken with him regarding this issue. I've offered compromises, which are turned down. I will have to be the big bad wife and take care of this problem myself. I want to have the room painted before next week when the furniture is due to arrive. Once that room begins its transformation, the cat will be gone.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Names and a Grandma

We've been discussing names pretty much daily, now that we know it's a boy. All of the ones I like, Bill hates. He then suggests stupid weirdo names that we would never honestly consider. I think he just likes to agitate me! On the up side, one possibility is Lane Steven, and the other is Lincoln (no middle name agreed on yet). At this point I prefer Lincoln more because of the syllable factor. With Heck being only one syllable, I think the first name should be 2 or more. Bill hasn't turned his nose up at it, so it's a possibility!
Next week my mom is visiting for Thanksgiving, and we are excited to start some baby shopping. I have an idea for the baby's room, so I'd like to get going on that. Fish are an easy theme to decorate for, and I would like to paint some type of mural on one of the walls. This boy's room is going to be awesome!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Ultrasound

We had our ultrasound at 18 weeks today. Mostly, it was an anatomy check to make sure everything is developing normally. I am excited to say that everything is developing normally and the doctor was very pleased with what he saw. The images showed fabulous detail, right down to the bones in the hands and the pupils in the eyes! The risk of any defects or abnormalities is very low. What a relief!
But honestly, what I really wanted to know is the sex of the baby. I was so sure it was a girl. It's been my feeling from the moment I had the positive pregnancy test. Bill, just to be irritating, said it was going to be a boy. It all came down to the image on the screen between two crossed little feet - we have a penis! Honestly, I was shocked and a little disappointed. All of my cousins have had boys. It was time for a girl, and I was going to be the one to deliver. Oh no, we can add another boy to the mix. I feel bad for being disappointed. This baby is healthy and developing perfectly. I should be overjoyed. Still, I wish we were having a girl...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Clothes, Flights, and a Grad Course

I've finally got something to show for this pregnancy. People we haven't told the news to are beginning to take notice. One day I'm comfortable with the idea of growing, and the next I dread it. I'm at the point where some of my clothes still fit, but a majority of the pants are too tight. Today I ordered some maternity pants online. I hope they don't make me look like a bigger cow!
Last night Bill booked a flight for me to Wisconsin for Christmas. Luckily, we found a direct flight both ways at a reasonable price. I look forward to visiting everyone and seeing some snow! Mercury will be staying with Bill; I don't need the extra hassle of transporting her, even though I would like to have her with me.
This week I have more blood tests to look forward to. My graduate course was stressful due to the fact that I was still figuring out the syllabus. I think it will be alright; writing seems to be a strength of mine (unless the professor decides otherwise).