Sunday, November 2, 2008

Clothes, Flights, and a Grad Course

I've finally got something to show for this pregnancy. People we haven't told the news to are beginning to take notice. One day I'm comfortable with the idea of growing, and the next I dread it. I'm at the point where some of my clothes still fit, but a majority of the pants are too tight. Today I ordered some maternity pants online. I hope they don't make me look like a bigger cow!
Last night Bill booked a flight for me to Wisconsin for Christmas. Luckily, we found a direct flight both ways at a reasonable price. I look forward to visiting everyone and seeing some snow! Mercury will be staying with Bill; I don't need the extra hassle of transporting her, even though I would like to have her with me.
This week I have more blood tests to look forward to. My graduate course was stressful due to the fact that I was still figuring out the syllabus. I think it will be alright; writing seems to be a strength of mine (unless the professor decides otherwise).


Lisa Smith said...

Yeah - you'll be up here for Christmas! We need to get together!

Anonymous said...

Hope I can see you at Christmas time! Don't worry too much about the maternity pants. The under-belly ones are pretty comfy. :-) Hope I get to see you with a belly. You better post some pictures! ;-)