Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gaining Weight and a Cat on the Way Out

This week went better. I've noticed that the nausea has pretty much gone away:) This morning I recorded my weekly measurements with slight growth, nothing too noticeable. I was nervous about weighing my self since last week I was up 5 pounds from the previous week. Today I was pleased to see I was down 2 pounds (it must have been water retention) from where I was before. I've decided that gaining weight is not fun. This is my least favorite part of pregnancy so far. I continue to have the strong feeling that this baby is a girl. With all the names that have been added to our list, Elizabeth seems to be the one that is beginning to settle with me. Thankfully, it's also a name that Bill says he likes. Three more weeks until the ultrasound!
As far as the cat goes, it appears that I have won the battle. As soon as I hear from a friend, she will make her trip to another home, and I can relax. The absence of dirty paw prints in my bathroom sink, along with a retched poop smell gone from the future baby room will be nice changes.

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