Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Ultrasound

We had our ultrasound at 18 weeks today. Mostly, it was an anatomy check to make sure everything is developing normally. I am excited to say that everything is developing normally and the doctor was very pleased with what he saw. The images showed fabulous detail, right down to the bones in the hands and the pupils in the eyes! The risk of any defects or abnormalities is very low. What a relief!
But honestly, what I really wanted to know is the sex of the baby. I was so sure it was a girl. It's been my feeling from the moment I had the positive pregnancy test. Bill, just to be irritating, said it was going to be a boy. It all came down to the image on the screen between two crossed little feet - we have a penis! Honestly, I was shocked and a little disappointed. All of my cousins have had boys. It was time for a girl, and I was going to be the one to deliver. Oh no, we can add another boy to the mix. I feel bad for being disappointed. This baby is healthy and developing perfectly. I should be overjoyed. Still, I wish we were having a girl...


Lisa Smith said...

I'm so glad you're having a healthy little baby! I know how it is to want a girl - there are no girls in our family either!
I can't believe how much detail there was in the ultrasound. It's really a cool thing.
Congrats again!

global2000 said...
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