Saturday, November 15, 2008

Names and a Grandma

We've been discussing names pretty much daily, now that we know it's a boy. All of the ones I like, Bill hates. He then suggests stupid weirdo names that we would never honestly consider. I think he just likes to agitate me! On the up side, one possibility is Lane Steven, and the other is Lincoln (no middle name agreed on yet). At this point I prefer Lincoln more because of the syllable factor. With Heck being only one syllable, I think the first name should be 2 or more. Bill hasn't turned his nose up at it, so it's a possibility!
Next week my mom is visiting for Thanksgiving, and we are excited to start some baby shopping. I have an idea for the baby's room, so I'd like to get going on that. Fish are an easy theme to decorate for, and I would like to paint some type of mural on one of the walls. This boy's room is going to be awesome!


Lisa Smith said...

I like Lincoln! Great choice!

Lisa Stribl said...

I love the name and can't wait to meet him!!