Saturday, November 29, 2008

Furniture, Dinosuars, and a Cat

On Black Friday my mother and I ventured out to Babies R Us because we saw an add for a free crib with the purchase of two other furniture items. We were quite excited! Luckily, the store was not too busy. So, $1200 later, we have furniture ordered for our boy's room.
Tomorrow we are hoping to start clearing out and painting the room. I'm pretty sure we will use a light green (which is the same shade for the bathrooms and master bedroom). Instead of simply painting the room all one color, I'm thinking of using a darker shade of green to create the effect of a jungle habitat for the dinosaurs. This should be interesting; I haven't done mural work since my sophomore year in college...
The cat remains a major topic of debate. Bill refuses to get rid of her. Multiple family members have spoken with him regarding this issue. I've offered compromises, which are turned down. I will have to be the big bad wife and take care of this problem myself. I want to have the room painted before next week when the furniture is due to arrive. Once that room begins its transformation, the cat will be gone.

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