Monday, February 16, 2009

The Boy is Very Active!

My visit to the OB/GYN today was pleasant. My total weight gain is now 32 pounds. A bit high, but not terrible she says. My blood is great and she was quite pleased that I passed all tests and was not anemic (most pregnant women are at this point). The doctor says the boy is very active, according to his heart rate. I pretty much already knew that by how he moves around at night. Hiccups are a daily occurance. My next visit is in 2 weeks. The end of this pregnancy business is almost over (thank God)! Then I'll have poop, puke, and crying to deal with.
I was told today by the local Quizno's owner (we've been in his restaurant several times and he's big into astrology) that since Lincoln will be an Aries baby, he will be a very active go-getter and quite head strong. He'll like to ride motorcycles, sky dive, and travel. Oh, great. NO MOTORCYCLES! Already, Lincoln is looking to become the bouncy little monkey. That's fine - I'd rather have an active child than a lazy toad like some of the kids in my class.

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