Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hiccups and Continued Preparations for Lincoln

Lincoln continues to grow and move! He has been hiccuping in the afternoon or evening pretty much every day (just a bit annoying). I continue to have a pretty much symptom free pregnancy so far. Bending over is gradually becoming more difficult, but luckily at school I have 17 children willing to scramble when I drop things on the floor. The frequent urge to pee is returning, and from what I've read it's because the baby is resting on top of my bladder. Friday night Bill and I went for a walk, and by the time we were half way done, I had to pee. He ran ahead of me with the dog to open the garage and bathroom door so I could make it in time (luckily, I did, with some sideways crazy walking)!
I've been steadily gaining a pound a week, and I can tell it's all in the belly. When this whole thing is done, I'm guessing that my total weight gain will be around 40 pounds. A bit high, but nothing too horrible! I am learning to deal with it. Amazingly enough, I still appear to have a waist from the front! I will be happy when the weight is all off. Riding my bike and running are two activities I can't wait to return to!
I continue to purchase things and prepare for Lincoln to arrive. My new swing/rocker chair arrived a few days ago. Hopefully the mattress for the crib will be delivered this week. Even though we had an appointment for a pediatrician on Friday, we rescheduled it for next week. The office was running an hour behind and we didn't want to sit. The nurses said that is definitely not the norm; one of the doctors was out and they double booked patients that day. The dinosaur painting is just about finished. It would have been completed a couple weeks ago, but I just don't have the desire to sit down and work on it. I am quite pleased with how it's turning out. It will be done before the week is over because Michael's is having a framing sale!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear everything is going well! I remember baby hiccups. They are annoying, but kinda funny at the same time. You'll have a cute little hiccuping boy when he arrives. ;-)