Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kids and Cats

Some of the older kids at school have noticed the belly and asked if I was having a baby. My students, however, have yet to say a word about it. Either they are afraid to ask or just clueless about the whole thing. One of my student's parents did write a note asking about my due date today. I never see her in person, so I'm wondering how she found out. I'm planning on writing a note to parents about the situation so they can feel at ease that their kids won't be left hanging with a new sub everyday after I leave. I really hope a certified teacher is hired so I don't have to deal with the end of the year paperwork fun!
Meow Meow kitty cat is finally on her way to Aunt Jamie's house! Bill and I came to a compromise (which he suggested) that the cat stay with Jamie until I go back to school next fall. That way we should have Lincoln in a regular routine. We hope there won't be an issue introducing the cat back into the house. Part of the deal is that the litter box be in the garage. I absolutely refuse to allow it back into the house! Bill seemed fine with the whole arrangement, but when I came home today and saw that the cat was still here, I was worried that he would try to back out. I texted Jamie and she confirmed that Bill would bring the cat over to her house after 9:00 tonight. Good, because I was ready to drive her over there myself! I know Bill will hold a grudge against me for awhile, but he will have to get over it. We will have a new baby to focus on in 3 months. He won't have time to think about the cat!

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