Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Glucose Test

Last week I had the dreaded glucose test for gestational diabetes. Many women who have taken it have told me it was not a pleasant experience. They said the drink tasted nasty. Oh, and hope that you pass it so you don't have to go back for the 3 hour test! Thanks... So the day of this fun test I check in and wait to drink this nasty stuff. The tech said I had to drink it in 5 minutes. After taking a sip to test it out, I thought it actually tasted kinda good! Down it went in under a minute. The tech commented on how I chugged it down. Hey, I have a sweet tooth!
Sitting there waiting for an hour was the boring part. What made it worse was that all these OLD people started coming in. They either sat in their chairs sleeping or babbling about nonsense. I heard the life story of one woman who was a retired bus driver from New York. She kept talking about the bad kids and the unprofessional teachers who wear shorts and allow the students to call them by their first name. Needless to say I bit my tongue and buried myself in my baby book.
The hour finally passed and it was time for the blood to be drawn (which is always a fun thing). The same tech has always pulled my blood and does a great job of talking to me to distract the squirming. At first she couldn't get any blood! Oh great... I did not want to have the other arm stuck too! She did get the 2 tubes worth and I was on my merry way. I didn't get the sugar crash I was warned about. Could this be a good sign?
At my OB appointment the next week I was happily informed that I passed the glucose test! The doctor even said I have great blood levels. Blood pressure is still low. My weight gain was where it should be for the week, but still a bit high overall. Nothing to be worried about, the doctor told me. Everything was right on track. After February's appointment, I get to visit them every two weeks! How exciting...


Lisa Smith said...

Yeah for you!!

Anonymous said...

Yay Jess! Sorry for commenting on the 3 hr. test. ;-) Both times I was borderline passing, so they made me sit in a similar icky waiting room w/ lots of old people to do the the 3 hr. test only to find out that I passed that one just fine. Glad you passed the first one!