Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This week's developments - green walls, dinosaurs, and kicks!

I was a little relieved that I didn't gain any weight this week. I am going to blame the weight gain on my mom's cooking when she was here. One of my goals is to exercise more, even if it's just going for a walk with the dog.
Baby boy is still nameless! I want to decide on a name by the time I go up to WI so I can start telling everyone. Bill hasn't offered any new suggestions. I am going to insist on the name Lincoln. Besides, I have the most say since I have to carry this bugger around for 4 more months and squeeze him out (which I am not looking forward to)!
Other than being nameless, the boy is beginning to move around more. At first it was just a few flicks, mostly at night. Now I feel him during the day at school, always in the afternoon when I am pulling a group of students to read. Hopefully he'll be a good reader! He is almost kicking hard enough that I can feel it against my hand. Maybe in a few days Bill will be able to feel him too:) I've noticed that after exercising, he makes no movement that I can feel. It must put him to sleep!
The baby's room is now a wonderful shade of green. Our neighbor, Claire, worked all day Saturday and part of Sunday to paint the room. She has done a great job so far. Next week she is attacking the bathroom! I'm hoping to get part of the mural up on the wall for the baby's room. I've also made sketches for a dinosaur watercolor painting for the wall. Today I transferred the sketches to the paper. The furniture is still in the boxes in the garage. I would like to room to be set up before I leave for WI, but that is unlikely at this point.

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