Monday, December 22, 2008

The Mural and the Whale

The mural is done! I started working on it Friday night and completed it Monday afternoon. The image changed slightly from my original sketch of maple like looking trees to palm trees. I had found some wonderful illustrations in a children's book about dinosaurs and thought these trees would go much better with our dinosaur theme. So here is a picture of the finished wall (minus the outlet cover). Bill thinks I should add a moon bear and a cat bear (Mercury and Meow). I said NO CATS! Besides, they are not dinosaurs...
We went to the OB again today. I knew going in that my weight was going to be too high at 24 weeks. My fabulous total weight gain as of today is 23 pounds! What a cow! The doctor said it was a bit high, and ideally I should gain about 30 by the time the whole thing is said and done. Just great. I am destined to be a whale in April. No more cake, candy, or bread! I guess since I rarely ate the stuff before, I felt that I was entitled to it now. Big mistake. Today I ate a bunch of carrots... Oh, on the plus side, my blood pressure was really good!

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Lisa Smith said...

I love the mural!