Sunday, December 7, 2008

Baby Shower and a Fat Momma:(

My mother and Bill's mother met over the weekend to discuss the baby shower in WI. Invitations will go out Tuesday (I think). Mark your calendars for December 28th! My mom says she is in charge of games, which she complained about because she hates them. If anyone has any fun game ideas, please let my mom know!
After this week's weigh in, I was horrified to see that I have gained 20 pounds so far! There goes my skinny pregnancy goal. Yes, I know I have to gain weight. But 20 pounds at 22 weeks?! I'm only half way there. What will I weigh at 40 weeks?! I cringe at the thought. Mr. big boy and I am cutting out the cake, candy, and pasta from now on.
On a happy note, our baby furniture has arrived at Babies R Us. Bill will arrange to pick it up next week. We also hired our neighbor, Claire, to paint the baby's room. She painted her whole house and did a pretty nice job. The walls will be a light green, with one wall featuring a mural of trees to compliment the dinosaur theme. Both Bill and Claire are confused with my idea, so I have to work on some drawings for them. I am very excited to get this room going (and even more so to send Miss Meow Meow to Aunt Jamie's house - sorry Bill!).

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