Monday, November 23, 2009

Plane Ride #2

In 9 hours we will boarding Southwest airlines for plane trip #2 with Lincoln. While I feel more prepared with what to bring this time, I pray to God that he does not scream or fuss during the flight. Since the flight is in the morning, I hope Lincoln sleeps through most of it since he is usually sleeping during that time.
Saturday morning I was hit hard with illness. I went to the weekend clinic not once, but twice because my symptoms changed. At first, I thought it was strep throat because one of my dirty students had it last week. My throat felt like someone slashed though it and my whole body ached, along with a high fever. The first doctor gave me Tamiflu and that helped with the body aches. The next morning my inflamed throat developed nasty while spots, along with a constant gagging sensations because my throat was filled with so much junk. It's gotta be strep, right? The second doctor didn't even do a strep test, only looked at it. She thinks it is some kind of bacterial throat infection (duh, strep) or - get this - Mono! What?! She did give me a prescription for an antibiotic so now I am taking meds around the clock. To make it worse, I am staying away from Lincoln so Bill had to take sick time to stay home. I felt awful when Lincoln was crying in his walker or bouncer and I couldn't pick him up:( Tomorrow will be 24 hours on antibiotics, so I can touch him again:)

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